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Whether it’s your annual holidays, or just a weekend getaway. Take advantage of all the early sales that are happening right now. If trawling shops and queuing for fitting rooms is not you, try on-line shopping. You can click, swipe and choose while on the treadmill. And if all that is too much, enlist the services of a personal shopper who is only too happy to trawl the galaxy of online shops and edit a few choice pieces for you to choose. So here’s 5 stories we’ve picked with help from our buddies at Shopwithyamindallah; from that junk trip with your pals to rolling up the plane and be a dapper wedding guest at that destination wedding.

1. From Beach to night market.

KTZ aeroplane print tank top $543 $27 at
Manebi studed leather espadrilles $753 $636 at Shopwithyamindallah
Zara red shiny effect swimsuit$199 $139
H&M Jacquard-weave shorts $349  @ H &


2. Cocktail O’clock
Zara floral trousers $499 $249 at
Christian Louboutin slides $2,296 $2,203 at Shopwithyamindallah
Paolo Pecora band collar shirt $970 $775 at


3. Looking good for boarding gate
Etudes Studio “Page Accent” T-shirt $512 $256 at
Andrea Ventura Firenze Moccasins $2,350 $2,090 Shopwithyamindallah
Trussardi Holdall $6,760 $5,200 Shopwithyamindallah
Messagerie cropped pants $993 $830 Shopwithyamindallah


4. Wedding Guest? Hot Restaurant? No Problem!
Zara New Loose Fit Jeans $399 $199 at
Paolo Pecora band collar shirt $970 $775 at
Andrea Ventura Firenze Moccasins $2,140 $1,750at Shopwithyamindallah
L.B.M 1911 Linen/Cotton DB Blazer $2,585 $2,320at Shopwithyamindallah


5. Putting the junk on the boat trip
Etudes Studio “Page Accent” T-shirt $512 $256 at
Marcuse Amigo briefs $368 (20% off up) at
Manebi studed leather espadrilles $753 $636 at Shopwithyamindallah


– All prices are expressed in HKD equivalent translated from USD/EURO. They are correct as at the time of going to press. Dim Sum Magazine and the writer are not responsible should there be any variations to prices and unavailability of items sold out during sales times.

– Enlisting services of style professionals will incur fees and or service charges. For details of such services, please enquire direct with the service provider.

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