Tinder now includes 40 gender identity options

The dating app Tinder, you know the one where you swipe one way or another depending on if you like someone or not, recently launched it’s campaign called #AllTypesofSwipes to be inclusive of all people.  Now instead of just the male and female genders to choose from, there are now 40 genders to choose from.  This comes after Tinder received criticism from the trans community for being transphobic because they were kicked off of Tinder.

In a statement after they announced they would include 40 genders, the company stated that “no matter how you identify, you can identify as yourself.”  Some of the genders that are now included are agender, androgynous, FTM/MTF, etc. Not only has the company set up to where you can choose from the multitude of genders, the are also training their customer service associates and set up special channels for users who were kicked off to be reinstated.

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