Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara, Canadian indie pop lesbian twins, just released their 8th album Love You to Death this month. They are coming to Hong Kong for their second visit after performing at Clockenflap in 2013.  Sara spoke to us about their music and latest album.

Can you tell us about your inspiration for this new album, what was the main theme you’d like to deliver?
Sara: I wanted to continue to craft pop songs by pairing poppy anthemic music with heartfelt lyrics that would explore identity and relationships in my life. It was a different direction emotionally for me from Heartthrob as I tried to be more introspective and consider the relationship between myself and Tegan.

Your recent MVs are a lot of fun, who and how did the team come up with the 80s comic theme in U-turn and the cute cats in 100x?
Sara: Our goal with this album is to work with ten different directors and truly give them an opportunity to be creative with the songs without offering too much input! Each collaborator is working with a limited budget, but are given quite a lot of creative control! Seth Bogart who directed U-Turn is an artist whom I adore both musically and artistically. Jess Rona who directed 100X makes little music videos of her dog grooming clients that I find incredibly emotional and sweet, so it was an honor to have her do a full length one for us.

Given the great success already, with over 1 million albums sold world-wide, 8th studio album, touring worldwide, what are your upcoming goals?
Sara: We continuet to tour and explore new countries around the world and that has remained one of the most important goals of our career. Expanding the fan base and reaching new people is always on our minds. In recent years album sales has become less important to us and our focus remains growing our audience and building a bigger and better live show to tour with!


Who are some of your inspirations and artist you look up to currently?
Sara: I’m very impressed with artists and bands that tour extensively as that is our model. Bruce Springsteen, U2, Madonna, Radiohead. Artists who push the boundaries of what can happen on film and in concert like Christine and the Queens and Stromae. Artists who make bold shifts and changes to their sound and aesthetic, like Robyn and Kanye West.
Throughout the many collaborations you’ve had with different artists, who / which group was your favourite?
Sara: I think we learned a lot from working with Tiesto. Without knowing it at the time (2008) that experience was shaping our feelings about collaboration and also the role of the producer on any given album. We opened our minds to allowing other artists into the process earlier which ultimately has been incredibly inspiring.

What is your one favourite place in the world ? Whether to perform or to live or to travel?
Sara: Currently we are very excited about exploring and traveling to new countries in Asia! We had so much fun last album cycle traveling to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia…It was so different for us and I look forward to continuing that with this album!

What reminds you of Hong Kong ? Was there anything that made you think really represent Hong Kong from your last visit here?
Sara: I was so impressed with the food and the energy of Hong Kong. My strongest memory is walking through the city and thinking it was as exciting and intense as my first visit to NYC.

Tegan And Sara Live in Hong Kong
28 July 2016

Buy ticket: www.hkticketing.com.hk/events/KBTEGAN0716


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