I was intrigued to discover that Tabibito serves up modern Japanese fusion tapas, a style I hadn’t tried before. Tucked away in a corner of Sheung Wan a short trek up hill from Hollywood Road, Tabibito is truly a hidden gem.  It’s that perfect blend of a cozy neighbourhood restaurant with a fascinating menu, superb quality ingredients and expertly balanced flavours.

To start, quench your thirst with a great selection of Japanese craft beers or Japan-influenced cocktail classics. It’s a compact space, so it may be worth seeking a reservation.

We had the recommended Chicken Tomago for our first dish which was small slices of succulent chicken wrapped in a slightly sweet egg omelet. Now, I’m not normally a fan of egg for dinner, but the black truffle sauce drizzled on top and a generous helping on the side really made this dish a hit.  Be liberal with the truffle sauce, it pairs the dish well.

Next up was one of the highlights of the night – the Uni Spiked Tofu – this dish was simply heavenly. It is a cold dish, with dahi jelly and creamy uni (sea urchin) and a delicate hint of wasabi, sea weed and finely shredded dried fish. I couldn’t get enough, and was soon scraping the bottom of the plate much to the disappointment of my dining partner.

The other major highlight of our meal was the Twice Cooked Ox Tongue. Even several days later as I write this review, I have vivid memories of the delightful taste and texture of this wonderfully cooked treat – so tender and juicy, with a slight hint of ginger and perfectly balanced seasoning.

To finish was the Himachi Tartare, a European take on yellow tail sashimi.  It is chopped fish, with a delectable combination of chive, scallion and jalapeño, light enough not to overpower the dish. A great presentation. you have to mix this dish at your table and serve it heaped on a seasoned rice cracker.

We left well satisfied wishing we lived a bit closer. Tabibto is just that sort of restaurant you wish you had close to your home or office.

G/F., 20 Po Hing Fong, Sheung Wan
Tel: 2547 2833

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