Russia Might Ban FIFA ’17 aka “Gay Propaganda”

EA Sports, the creators of the FIFA video games, added a special feature to their newest game, FIFA 17.  The special feature allows players to dress up their team in rainbow colored uniforms as part of Rainbow Laces, an anti-homophobia in sports campaign.  The feature would only be available till November 28.

Because of this feature, some Russian Communist MP’s are saying it could “harm children’s health and development” by promoting homosexuality.  As you probably know, Russia has strict anti-gay laws that has lead to many people and groups being fined and companies and organizations closing down, so it chould come as no surprise that a video game that is rated for everyone, is coming under fire by Russia for having rainbow jerseys.  The campaign to get it banned is being voiced by former United Russia figure skater Irina Rodnina.

Not only is Russia considering banning it, but homophobic video gamers have quit playing because of the jerseys.

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