RGB ★★★★☆

Hong Kong is getting a double dose of Ruth Bader Ginsberg (a woman who sits on the the US Supreme Court who has ruled in favour of many women’s and gay rights cases) these past two weeks at the cinema.  Last week, we saw the release of the film ON THE BASIS OF SEX, a film based on her life and difficulty in the breaking the glass ceiling for women practicing law in the United States.  This week, we get the documentary RBG, a film that explores her and how RBG came to be who she was and got this of pop icon status that has surrounded her.  

The doc RBG is a highly entertaining look at Ginsberg’s life whose work has changed the lives of many women in the USA.  The filmmakers, Betsy West and Julie Cohen, really give us a lot of insight on the reserved and introverted justice, who has become such a powerful figure in American politics and liberal champion.  The film details her life growing up in Brooklyn, the difficulties she had in law school and getting jobs because no one wanted to hire female lawyers, and her fights for women’s rights, as well as her personal life.  While it could have been just a standard documentary, the filmmakers tell her story in an enlightening and fascinating way, weaving archival footage and photos with interviews with Ginsberg and the people that surround her.

Words: Russell Boaz

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