Record Amount of HIV Infections in 2015

The figures were released for the number of new HIV infections in Hong Kong for 2015 and the numbers are not good. There were 725 new HIV infections and that is the highest number since the Centre for Health Protection (CPH) of the Department of Health began taking records in 1984.

AIDS Concern is urging people at high risk for HIV to get tested to help in stopping the epidemic. “When people get diagnosed and receive treatment, the virus level can be reduced to a very low level so that it is unlikely to pass HIV to someone else”, says Kurt Wong, Assistant Programme Manager of AIDS Concern. People at high risk are those who have had unprotected sex, if one knows the HIV status of their sexual partner and if someone has had multiple sex partners.

One of the big issues is that people are not getting tested often enough with many never getting tested at all.

AIDS Concern offers anonymous, confidential and free testing at their Health Service Centre in Jordan. Call their testing hotline at 2394 6677 or you can make an appointment though their online booking system ( Let’s get the number of new infections down to zero.

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