Moonlight ★★★★★

It is really rare for a film to be so subtle in it’s message yet still hit you like a ton of bricks emotionally like MOONLIGHT does.  MOONLIGHT is a tender, touching, visually stunning film, directed by Barry Jenkins, about the life of a gay man growing up in South Florida, USA.

MOONLIGHT follows the life of Chiron over the course of 12 years in three parts; as a young boy, a teenage and a young man.  We first meet Chiron, a shy, withdrawn kid whose nickname is ‘Little’, as he is being chased by some boys and then he hides out in a crackhouse.  There he meets Juan (Mahershala Ali), who becomes a sort of father figure to the boy and whose home becomes a refuge for Chiron from his crack addicted, emotionally abusive mother (Naomie Harris).  Chiron’s only other friend is Kevin, a classmate his age.  The film then progresses to his teenage years where he is bullied by classmates and he is a loner, battling his homosexuality.  Still, he remains friends with Kevin.  The last chapter, he is a young adult who is distancing himself from his past but gets a phone call out of the blue from Kevin.

MOONLIGHT has more emotion and power behind it, more than any other film in recent years.  It is about a boy trying to find love that gets dark and heavy and, at times, hard to watch because of how authentic it is, but it is such an important film to see.  I hate to use the word, but it is so poetic in it’s story telling.  And the last scene, be prepared, it is one powerful scene that will tug at your heart.

– Word by Russell Boaz


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