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Photographer Mherck Dela Cruz is serving us Paris is Burning realness with his new photo exhibition POSE at Petticoat Lane. The exhibition, inspired by the film PARIS IS BURNING and the television show POSE, features local drag queens strutting their stuff and doing their thing around Hong Kong.  Dim Sum got the chance to ask Mherck some questions of his inspiration for the exhibit and about his photography.

Dim Sum: Since your inspiration for this exhibition is Paris is Burning, what would your ball category be that you would compete in and why? 

Mherck :I’ m going to compete for Body-ody-ody catergory. I will be proud walking the ball showing how confident and to show them that I am not afraid to show my curves. Many people these days are not very comfortable on their body everytime they see themselves in the mirror, and I want them to know that they have to embrace that beauty, because being sexy is not always about how muscular or toned, its about the personality what makes you even sexier. So walk and be proud with your body-ody-ody category.

Dim Sum: What made you decide to do an exhibition with this theme? 

Mherck :After seeing the TV series POSE, I decided to re-create an exhibition with Drag Queens in Hong Kong. Because Drag is not an easy job. It takes Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve & Talent. And speaking of preparation, watching them putting all the wig, make-up, and the full outfits takes so much time. 

Dim Sum: What does drag represent for you? 

Mherck :Freedom, Confidence and Self Love

Dim Sum: How did you get your start in photography? 

Mherck :Growing up, I love to be in front of camera and project, then one of my family member told me “since you know your angle, why don’t you teach someone and capture it.” Then I decided to take photography workshop for 2 months, then I got an opportunity to do a shoot for newspaper. After that I wanna create and create and create photos.

Dim Sum: When you are not photographing models and drag queens, what do you like to take pictures of?

Mherck :Myself! I love doing selfies in my phone and share it to my Instagram! LOL!

Dim Sum:  What makes a good photo in your opinion?

Mherck :Music, cigarettes and vodka—the three things that I believe are essential to creating a great photo. LOL! I always want to have a good connection with my subjects, have a chat drinks and some music then we can start the shoot! I always wanted them to feel comfortable with me and that’s very important!

Petticoat Lane presents POSE by Mherck Dela Cruz
21 March 2019
9:00pm till late 
Petticoat Lane - Basement 57-59 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

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