Margaret Cho

We fucking love her and we have ever since we saw her in her stand-up comedy film I’M THE ONE THAT I WANT. She is progressive, thoughtful, brash, and delightfully abrasive. Loved by the gay community throughout her career, a career that has not only included stand-up comedy but also activist, singer, and actress. She is Margaret Cho and she is finally coming to Hong Kong for the first time a part of her PsyCHO Tour.

The Korean-American comedian who has played to sold-out shows around the world and who is a very big advocate for LGBT rights, is here right of the heels from going to Singapore where she took on everything from Singapore’s gay sex laws, their megachurches (calling the megachurch pastor Lawrence Khong a ‘cunt’), and even their chewing gum laws.

DIM SUM Magazine had the chance to ask Margaret Cho a few questions before her two upcoming shows in Hong Kong. We are very much looking forward to what she has to say about Hong Kong and what subjects she will take on in her shows.

DIM SUM: Your LGBT fans are very excited that you are finally coming to Hong Kong. What are you most looking forward to on your visit to Hong Kong? 
Cho: I’m really looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone, to do a pilgrimage to all the Leslie Cheung sites, eat all the delicious food and enjoy a place I’ve only dreamt about after many years of watching and loving Hong Kong films!

DIM SUM: Is there going to be anything that is off limits in your shows in Hong Kong? 
Cho: No! I’m doing lots of research about the megachurches, the Fishball Revolution – as the daughter of booksellers, I’ve got a lot of emotion invested in the current situation in Hong Kong.

DIM SUM:  Here in Hong Kong, gays can still legally be discriminated against and we still do not have full equality. As an activist, what advice would you give to the LGBT community of Hong Kong? 
Cho: It’s about making sure the evangelist ‘Christian’ groups do not have any traction with the government. Much of this social conservatism comes from the US and it’s toxic and detrimental to the advances we have made as a community since Stonewall. I’d say stay strong, do not accept bigotry and homophobia on any level, use social media to fight ignorance, never stop!

DIM SUM: You have done everything from stand-up to activism to acting, is there anything that you have not done in your career that you would like to do?
Cho: I’d like to cook! I’m a big foodie, chef and gastronomic tourist! Yum!

DIM SUM: You recently became a co-host of the show Fashion Police, a hosting job that was once held by Joan Rivers. How did it feel to take on that job of hosting the show?
Cho: I loved Joan, and it feels good to be on her show. Fashion Police was her favorite project and it’s an honor to try to fill her tiny shoes. I can never replace her, but I can do a decent job of honoring her memory. I’m bringing ancestor worship to the world of fashion snark!

by Russell Boaz

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