Malaysian Government Promotes Discrimination

The Malaysian government is having a video contest where winners can receive up to 4000 ringgit ($7300 HKD).   The contest is sparking outrage from the LGBT community and activist.  The video contest for 13-24 year olds, launched by the health ministry, is going to give the money to the video that best tackles “gender confusion”, explores prevention, control, consequences, issues and also ways to get to get help.  According to the guidelines of the competition, the LGBT communities are examples of people who suffer from “gender confusion.”

Deputy Director-General of Health Lokman Hakim Sulaiman has said the video contest “is to purely to tap knowledge and creativity of adolescents on sexual reproductive health related matters and does not intend to create discrimination to any particular group.”

Just across the border in Thailand though, the government there is considering reviving its gay rights bill.  After Taiwan legalized gay marriage, calls to follow suit in Thailand are picking up speed.  60,000 people signed a petition on to get the bill reviewed.  The bill, which has been on hold since 2013, would back marriage rights for same sex couples and other benefits for LGBT people.  The director-general of the Rights and Liberties Protection Department is pushing for the bill to get approved as soon as possible.

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