Kaspar Wan

After I found out that the government hospital subsidised my surgery, I decided to become a volunteer at the hospital and work at the rehabilitation shop once a week. This is where I really met people from all walks of life, at all ages, and with all different sorts of ‘illness’, or needs for their physical well-being. Moms-to-be as well as diabetics come to buy blood glucose meters, different dressings for those who were in accidents, and many people buy supplements and nappies for their loved ones staying in the hospital temporarily or back at home for a longer period. My anxiety as queer calms down and becomes more relaxed when I know that I can reach out and give back to other people. I am empowered by the strength and love that I see from those who come for their needs or for their loved ones. The rehabilitation journey isn’t something I would have thought of, but I am sure I have become a stronger and better person than I was before.

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