Justin Trudeau First Prime Minister to March in Toronto Pride Parade

Would CY Leung ever do this?  On Sunday, July 3, Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister became the first ever sitting prime minister of that country to march in a gay pride parade.  Trudeau, who has taken part in the Toronto parade before but never as prime minister, drew a energetic reaction from the crowd as he marched down the street waving a pride flag with a maple leaf on it.

While it was a huge celebration, the parade also had a somber tone to it.   Many in the parade and the crowds wore shirts that had “Orlando” written on them or names of the victims from the Orlando mass shooting that happened last month in America.  Talking about the Florida tragedy, Trudeau said “we can’t let hate go by.”  He also said “We have to speak up anytime there is intolerance and discrimination.”

Trudeau is helping to shape the country be very progressive on LGBT issues.  During the parade, Trudeau also announced that his government is exploring “neutral gender ID’s”.  Just a few weeks ago, he said the easing of Canadian blood-donation restrictions on men who have sex with men was not good enough and it needed to

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