Ivy Wong

A closet to me used to have only one function- to store my clothes. Like many other people, it is one piece of furniture that is a necessary in my home.

Until Autumn of 2012, I did not realise that for some people, a closet has another function – to hide their true selves at home of their non-heterosexual orientations because their families do not support them.

It is an interesting fact to me, being not a Queer of Hong Kong but a straight ally of Hong Kong for LGBT inclusion and in the community, that I never thought I would need a closet in my family home, until I started getting involved in the LGBT community.

The more committed I am to promoting LGBT inclusion in the community, the larger the closet I have at home has become – for my clothes and also for myself as my family is not supportive of my work at all.

Outside of my home, I have been coming out of the closet as a straight ally as people always doubt my sexual orientation when I introduce my work. Inside of my home, I have been staying in the closet as my family is not supportive of what I am passionate about.

A closet to me now is for anyone, gay or straight, with or without clothes.

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