Indonesia Anti LGBT Law

Being LGBT in Indonesia is about to get a bit tougher if a law goes through criminalizing gay sex.  A law is currently set to pass in Indonesia before Valentine’s Day that would criminalize any extramarital outside of marriage.  Since LGBT people cannot get married in Indonesia, it would therefore make it illegal for them for have sex.  If the law passes, it would come with a five-year sentence in jail for those caught.

Indonesia has also in been in the news lately for its treatment of LGBT people.  Last week, police and Sharia (Islamic law) police in the semiautonomous area of Banda Aceh rounded up transgendered citizens and cut off their hair, publicly humiliating them and then detained them for 72 hours (the countries police chief is currently investigating the matter).  Last year, according to the Human Rights Watch, police rounded up more than 300 LGBT people in raids in government-driven moral panic. panic.

There is just a little hope that this law about sex before marriage will not pass. The leading party in Indonesia’s parliament (Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle) does not want to push laws that get into private matters of the nation.   The law may require both parties to make a formal complaint to police.  Critics are saying that it still leaves room for the police the harass LGBT people

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