Hong Kong Singer Denise Ho visa permit denied by Malaysia

One of Hong Kong’s leading pop singers will not be performing her scheduled concert in Malaysia. Denise Ho, a Canadian citizen who is lesbian and an active supporter of LGBT rights, has been denied a visa by Malaysian authorities. The announcement was made via her Facebook page. ‘I’m sorry, our World Tour ‘Dear Self, Dear World’ concert, originally scheduled to be held on April 14th in Malaysia concert is cancelled.” The singer said they had been working with the Malaysia government for two weeks on getting the work visa and finally got word on Thursday that it was denied because of her work in LGBT activism.

Denise Ho has been an active supporter of gay rights ever since coming out at gay pride in 2012. She is also a big pro-democracy supporter and was arrested along with other for her involvement in the Umbrella Movement, the huge prodemocracy protests that happened in Hong Kong in 2014. The BBC even named her one the most influential women in the world for her activism. She has toured all over the world including concerts in London, Manchester and Glasgow last year.

Malaysia has a long history of discrimination in the mainly Muslim nation. Being gay and transgendered is illegal in the country. Just last week, a newspaper even published an article on how to recognize gay people.

Even though her concert was cancelled, she still has concerts in Taiwan.

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