Gigi Chao listed as the most influential LGBT business people

Hong Kong businessperson Gigi Chao has topped the list of the most influential LGBT business people in the world according to the annual OUTStanding ranking published in the Financial Times. Not only is she the first lesbian to top the list but she is also the first Asian.

Chao is a founding member of Big Love Alliance and an ambassador for AIDS Concern. For those that do not remember, she also made headlines in 2012 when her father offered $500 million HKD to any potential suitor for his lesbian daughter. When no potential suitor was found, he then doubled the reward to $1 billion HKD. Needless to say, no male suitor was found and Gigi is still in a civil partnership with her partner, Sean Eav.

Others in the top ten include Inga Beale, CEO of Lloyds of London; Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas; and Martine Rothblatt, CEO of United Therapeutics. The list is released annually in hopes of inspiring more LGBT diversity in the workplace.

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