Gays Don’t Exist in Malaysia

So we don’t exist in Malaysia.  Well, we do not exist there according to Malaysian Tourism Minister Datuk Mohamaddin Ketapi.  Mr. Mohomaddin was attending a tourism fair while in Berlin, Germany when he was asked by German media is Malaysia would welcome gays.  His response “I don’t think we have anything like that in our country.” He also sidestepped questions about whether the country was safe for gays and Jews.  An aide to the minister later told the media that those were the minister’s personal views.

Malaysia has a long history of LGBT discrimination.  Anti-sodomy laws still exist in the country. Depictions of homosexuality on film are not allowed unless the character “repents” or dies.  In 2017, a pride march that was planned was cancelled due to Islamist pressure. The current government of Malaysia, the Pakatan Harapan, does not recognize LGBT culture. There has also been an uptick in gay bar raids.  Last year Kuala Lumpur’s oldest gay bar was raided for the first time in 30 years because the police wanted to “stop the spread of LGBT culture in society.” Two Malaysian women were also caned publicly for having sex.

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