Gay Games 2022

The year 2022 will see the Winter Olympics being hosted by Beijing, the Asian Games hosted by Hangzhou and now Hong Kong might possibly host an international games competition as well, the Gay Games.

The Gay Games, held every four years since 1982, is the world’s largest sporting and cultural event held by LGBT athletes, artists and musicians. Over 10,000 participants and over 100,00 spectators came to the Games in Cleveland, Ohio, USA in 2014 and generated millions of dollars into the local economy.   They gay games are not only about sports, but about arts, culture and also human rights.

Seventeen cities are in the bidding process for the 2022 Gay Games, including Los Angeles, Cape Town, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong. If Hong Kong were selected as the host city, it would be the first time the games have been held in Asia. Out in HK, a non-commercial group of LGBT members and friends that are interested in developing a fit and healthy lifestyle is helping to spearhead the campaign to get the games here. A short list of three cities will be named in February 2017 and the chosen will be announced in January 2018, the same year as the Paris Gay Games.

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