GagaOOLala LGBTI Film Platform launches in Hong Kong

You now do not have to wait till the Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in September to watch LGBTI content, now you can watch it all year round via streaming service. The first Asian LGBTI streaming platform, GagaOOLala, is now officially available in Hong Kong. At a cost of HK$52 (or HK$68 if you register through the iOS APP), you can watch over 400 titles from around the world that have been selected to be a part of the streaming service. The service was founded by Portico Media, the former organizer of the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival. Hong Kong joins other ASEAN territories with the service, including Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. It some of the countries where the service is available, it is not exactly kosher to be LGBTI. The CEO of Portico Media, Jay Lin, affirmed that the goal of GagaOOLala is “to continue to serve the LGBTQ community, as well as, bring rare but exciting LGBTQ films from around the world to the mainstream. We hope to break viewing restrictions and provide a comfortable experience at any time. We also expect viewers to understand the stories and circumstances of queer people from different countries, bringing us all closer together.”

Films available on the platform are some of Hong Kong director Scud’s films, the jaw-dropping French film Paris 5:59, the x-rated Unfaithful, the lesbian series of films director Michelle Allen including Butch Jamie and Heterosexual Jill, plus a host of many great LGBTI films from around the world. Just like Netflix, GagaOOLala is creating their own content as well, including the films Tale of the Lost Boys and Sodom’s Cat and also the original series, Queer Taiwan which documents the history of LGBT rights in Asia.

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