22 Ships ★★★★★

Created by Michelin Star Chef Jason Atherton, 22 Ships is a Spanish tapas restaurant described as “the deformalizing of fine dining”. I have been wanting to try this highly recommended restaurant for some time but their no reservation policy deterred me from travelling all the way to Wan Chai just to wait around until I could get one of their few (35) seats. So I was delighted when DS asked me to review for them!

The Spanish Breakfast, Chorizo & Potato was a great start to the meal. It wasn’t much to look at, but after mixing up the poached egg, chunks of chorizo, tomato sauce and roasted potato cubes, it really became the highlight for me. It was rich with flavors that layered perfectly in the mouth. My only complaint was that I wish the portion size had been bigger!

We then moved onto the Marinated Hamachi with Gazpacho Dressing and Garnish. It looked stunning and the hint of lime in the gazpacho dressing really brought out the freshness of the Hamachi. I’m normally a little wary of garnishes, but in this case the onion only accentuated the flavor instead of overpowering it. For something a little more substantial, we chose the Suckling Pig: crisp skin soaked in piquillo pepper jus, the sweet surprise of pineapple on the side and a hefty portion, which would have been enough for 3. My advice is to eat it hot as soon as it gets to the table to really savor the complexity of the flavours. To round it all off, we chose the PBJ – peanut parfait, blueberry sorbet, and salted peanut crunch. Like the rest of the dishes, it was divine and definitely worth a try.

22 ships is all about experimentation with flavours from around the world and everything clicked together superbly with every bite. I can’t wait to go back even if it means I have to queue for hours!

Address :  G/F, 22 Ship Street, Wan Chai
Tel : 2555 0722

by Purple One

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