Food for Loving

As the old saying goes: we are what we eat. Food, like sex, is a source of nourishment for all, and a hobby and obsession for many. So, what happens when you put the two of them together? What we eat, according to all sources, can affect our performance between the sheets. We all know that certain foodstuffs can influence our sex-drive. So what should you be feeding your man to ensure that both of your appetites are fulfilled?

Here are a few foods that are rumoured to have special properties:

Not only is raw celery the only the food that helps you burn calories just through eating it, it also contains a hormone known as androstenone, a pheremone that for animals, acts as a social sign of dominance and is said to enhance ones desirability as a mate. So get out that stick of celery and get ready to dominate your partner.

Raw oysters
This one you’ve all heard of, oysters are rich in zinc which raises testosterone levels, and also contain dopamine – a hormone that boosts the libido. They also have that incomparable sliminess that goes down the throat like nearly nothing else.

Besides the pleasingly phallic visual benefits, Bananas are rich in the anti-impotence enzyme bromelain. So whip off that yellow sleeve and chow down on a juicy banana to get you in the mood.

This luscious fruit was known by the Aztecs as “fertility fruit” and thanks to its high levels of potassium and vitamin B this green salad favourite can help boost the libido.

Not the type of nuts you’re thinking of- nibbling on hard-shelled fruits such as almonds, cashew nuts or peanuts is extremely benefitial to the production of hormones. They also taste great when salted.

Some people swear that raw chicken eggs are the perfect pre-sex pick me up – and thanks to their high quotient of vitamins B5 and B6, eggs do help balance hormone levels.

Succulent and tasty, figs are also blessed with amino acids that can improve sexual stamina and help put you in the mood.

Not advisable for first dates, but garlic contains allicin, which is said to increase blood flow to the sexual organs. If you can’t stomach bad breath, it also comes in capsule form. Also useful for repelling bloodsuckers.

Chocolate is a food that can both substitute and supports sex. It is a natural stimulant, containing the alkaloid theobromine, and also is rich in phenylethylamine, which some believe stimulates the feelings of desire.

Kiwi Fruit and pineapple
It is said that you can taste a man’s diet in his ‘juices’, and they are all the more sweeter when he is eating a diet rich in fruits such as kiwi fruit and pineapple.

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