Drag Domination

COCO POP, Hong Kong drag queen is dominating Hong Kong with all the drag queens with a party in called Drag Domination. She talks to DIM SUM about how to be a professional drag queen. 

Dim Sum: What can we look forward to at Drag Domination?
Coco:  I believe that this is the first time ever in Hong Kong to have so many professional drag queens all on one stage, in one show! I hope that their performance will be fun for everyone.

Dim Sum: How does Hong Kong drag culture differ from other cites?
Coco: It depends where you make the comparison, of course the USA has the biggest drag market and culture, drag culture is now entering the mainstream.  In Asia people are much more influenced by the opinions of other people. Hong Kong’s drag culture is relatively small and only visible within the LGBT community.

Dim Sum: How can one start to get into drag when one has never done it before?
Coco: Now today, boys will learn from YouTube, but the best way is to drag with someone and gain real experience, because you will properly need someone to hold your hand the first few times you walk out the door!

Dim Sum: What advice would you give to future drag queen and kings?
Coco: I realise a lot of new drag queen will very focused on how they look. Yes this is very important. but to be a drag performer, they need to spend more time on their stage presence and what they say, how to be engaging to an audience. If a queen can only make some basic bitchy comments they will never be  a big success. Audiences want to be entertained, so it helps if you have a strong perspective, to know who your character is and what she has to offer the world.

Dim Sum: Who do you love to perform to in drag and why?
Coco: I’m happy to be on stage in front of any audience who has an appreciation of drag culture, mainstream or LGBT. If I had a chance to perform for one person, perhaps I would say Donald Trump. He certainly needs a new wig, and perhaps he can learn to be a bit kinder to all members of the community.


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Drag Domination
9 September 2016 (Friday)
9:00pm, first show starts on 10:15pm.
Orange Peel – 2/F Ho Lee Commercial Building, 38-44 D’Aguilar St, Lan Kwan Fong, Central
HK$160 at door (including one standard drink)

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