Catch ★★★1/2

While I enjoy observing marine life when scuba diving, I’m also a fan of eating it too! Of course, I’m careful to only eat non-endangered species and sustainable seafood.

I was surprised to find that Catch’s menu isn’t exclusively seafood based, which I assumed based on its name. Around half of the menu is seafood and there are enough meat and veggie dishes to satisfy your carnivorous or herbivorous cravings.

Next door to a Lebanese restaurant run by the same proprietor, Catch is right in the heart of Kennedy Town’s dining Mecca, not far from the new MTR station. It was good to see restaurant price inflation hasn’t arrived here yet.

First up was the Pint of Prawns.  Served in a pint glass, it was time to get our fingers dirty. Juicy, tender and perfectly cooked, a squeeze of lemon was all that was needed to enjoy this simple dish to the full.  There’s an accompanying ginger and soy dip and pot of aioli mayonnaise on the side, which added some variety.

Pint of Prawns

We were keen to focus on the seafood but thought we should sample one of the meat dishes.  Also a starter and another great dish for sharing the Pulled Lamb Tacos with feta, spicy yoghurt and lime. An unusual combination of flavours that went together well – the lime adding a citrus zest and the spicy yoghurt and feta adding a creamy kick to the tender pulled lamb. I wasn’t expecting this to be good being primarily a seafood restaurant.

Pulled Lamb Tacos

Our last starter was the Sauteed Scallops. For me, this was the highlight of the meal and I wanted to order more! The scallops were slightly firm and seared on the outside and tender inside. Accompanied by a cauliflower purée and truffle caviar served in its shell, it was again a wonderful and unusual combination of flavour and texture.

Sauteed Scallops

Resisting the temptation to order more scallops before the main course arrived proved to be a wise choice as the pan fried Barramundi fillet with lemon butter sauce was another treat. Another perfectly cooked dish, the fish was succulent with slightly crispy skin. The lemon butter sauce was rich, adding the ideal tangy accompaniment to the fish, though I wasn’t especially fond of the accompanying potato salad.

To end, we opted for the Hot Cinnamon Donut Balls with a white chocolate sauce. Freshly cooked, served warm, and filled with custard or raspberry jam, this was a terrific and decadent end to an excellent meal.

Now that we know Catch is good, I think it’s a safe assumption that the Lebanese next door will be too. Perhaps that will be a future stop on our dining escapades.

G/F., 95 Catchick St, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Tel: 2855 1289

Words by Neil Bowen

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