Boyzilian Wax

I am hairy. To put it in perspective, I could go shirtless at Halloween and be taken as a werewolf, which is one reason I have always been so reluctant to get waxed, it was going to be painful as hell. I have been waxed two times before, once in Thailand at a cheap spa in Koh Samui (which if you are going to get waxed, I recommend not going to a cheap waxing place in Koh Samui) and then once at a place in Hong Kong where the girl who waxed me had the personality of a blank sheet of paper and did little to put me at ease and it did hurt a lot.

So when Dim Sum asked me to review The Strand waxing services, specifically the wax called the boyzilian, I was a bit hesitant to say yes from the past experiences I have had, but I eventually was talked into it.

Walking into The Strand, I was greeted by my wax therapist, Tamara, who immediately put me at ease with a glass a wine.  Tamara has over 18 years experience as a wax therapist.  She was very friendly, very personable and immediately, I put my trust into her.  She informed me that she wanted me just to sit and relax for a bit before we began.  We discussed the procedure that she was going to do and how it was going to be done.  She would wax my back and then she would also do a boyzilian wax or what they refer to as the back (referring to the part of the back above the butt), sack and crack wax or the male Brazillian wax.

We proceeded up to the third floor which is for spa services.  The Strand has five floors, each dedicated to a particular service.  I disrobed, got under a towel and she began the waxing of my back.  Out of all the waxings I have the received, this was one of the least painful and most calming waxes I have ever gotten.  There were those painful moments but it was very minimal.  On the most sensitive areas of my back, like the part around my neck, she used a special kind of wax called Caron wax from Australia, or what she referred to as “plastic fantastic”.  This wax was actually not as painful as the honey wax she used on the rest of my back.  The Caron wax does not grab on to your skin like the honey wax does, so reduces the pain.  The reason why they do not use this wax on all the body is because it costs about twice as much.

Now came the moment I had been dreading, the boyzilian.  It was the first time a woman has ever told me to bend over and put my ass up in the air.  She applied the wax and I began to cringe in anticipation of the wax, but it was over just like that and the pain was either minimal or non-existant.  She finished the job with speed and precision.  I opted out of the sack part of the wax but I imagine that it would not have been as painful as I could have imagined.

Overall, this was actually a great experience at The Strand.  I highly recommend Tamara and the waxing services that she provides as The Strand.  She is professional, a delight to talk and provides and very minimal pain wax and I will be back again and again.

The Strand
18 Cochrane St. Central Hong Kong
Te: 2850 7686

Word by Russell Boaz

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